Best-selling Reps Air Jordan 4 Basketball Kicks recently

Winter is coming, there is no doubt that many friends are preparing for winter sneakers. With new colorways’ exposition of A Ma Maniére joint shoes, Craft, and others, the popularity of Sleek Reps Air Jordan 4 Kicks come back now. And it has been bought by many sneaker fans recently. Then the editor will talk about the “Top 10 Sales Air Jordan 4 Reps Shoes Recently”.

10. Reps Air Jordan 4 Retro “Fire Red” On Sale (2020)

Style code: DC7770-160

Last Sale: $375

As a replica style in 2020, first, its OG colorway is attractive enough. Second, the appearance is outstanding. That’s why it has a high sales volume.

9. Come to Buy Fake Air Jordan 4 Retro “Red Thunder”

Style code: CT8527-016

Last Sale: $358

Classic black and red colorway. It’s really a versatile sneaker. Can be matched with everything. And the color is perfect for this winter. Even if it’s with a high price now, many fans still chose it first.

8. Purchase Popular Jordan 4 Retro Rep “Blank Canvas” Kicks

Style code: DQ4909-100

Last Sale: $235

The editor thinks it can be sold best with its appearance if it’s not canvas material. Simple sail upper, but with a sense of luxury. However, maybe it needs your careful daily cleaning.

7. Sell Replica Air Jordan 4 Retro “Canyon Purple” For Women

Style code: AQ9129-500

Last Sale: $236

At the beginning of this sneaker’s release, it was not predicted to be popular. But now it’s in the “Top 10 Sales Air Jordan 4 Reps Shoes Recently” series. Furry upper is suitable for cold seasons. Kindly note it’s exclusively for women.

6. Breathable Reps Air Jordan 4 Retro SE “Black Canvas” For Sale

 Style code: DH7138-006

Last Sale: $350

The look of this Cheap Reps Air Jordan 4 Retro SE “Black Canvas” sneaker is similar to “Blank Canvas”. However compared with the white color, the black upper is more resistant to dirt. The canvas material used is light and breathable, with high comfort.

OK, the above is five Air Jordan 4 Sneakers that sold well recently. And we will announce the top 5 in the next article.

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