How to Choose Nike Dunk and Reps Air Jordan Sneakers On Sale?

As we all know, Nike launched 2 shoes Air Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk Hi which were recorded in sneaker history. So the solid sneaker culture has been founded successfully since then. In recent years, Nike Dunks became more and more popular, at the same time Air Jordan Rep For Sale developed continuously so that more and more people know them now. There are some similarities between these 2 shoes, but significant differences still exist. Therefore, many sneaker fans probably don’t know how to choose them. Today the editor will summarize for you to refer it.

1. Different technology: Nike Dunk comes with cushioning sole which has zoom air cushion in the back palm. It can provide great protection and cushion. While the technology of Reps Air Jordan Shoe is only footpads.

2. Different style: Compared with Nike Dunk which has a lot of styles, Replica Air Jordan For Sale Online is more slender, and the overall look is more streamlined. But Nike Dunk comes with a strong sense of design.

Probably many friends will be anxious when he/she doesn’t know how to choose these 2 shoes. Since you wanna purchase sneakers, of course the style of the shoe needs to be considered first. You can think if it meets your expectation and if it has a good matching effect. Please remember don’t pursue high price blindly, that’s really unnecessary.

The design of Nike’s sneakers is relatively exquisite. And every series has its own characteristic. Such as Cheap Rep Air Jordan On Sale is more slender, and the overall shoe shape is smoother. Some styles also come with unique wing-like logos, typical features are obvious. About Nike Dunk, its tongue and laces are thicker. Also uses heel scaling air cushion. And these 2 years, the colorway of Nike Dunk is quite excellent. A few styles released attracted the attention of the public successfully. So you can look at the style first when you choose. Pick one you like according to your demand.

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